Geovideo – Instrucciones para llegar al Hotel Portosoller desde Sóller

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Many of our customers come to Sóller by car, and sometimes they tell us that finding our hotel is not very easy. There is a reason, though: a number of online maps do not take in account that promenade is now closed to regular transit. Port of Sóller is now accessible via a new tunnel and a new street recently build, and in some cases they do not even appear in the maps.

For this reason we ordered a new video (a very special one) taken from a running car, to help our customers take the right direction along the way after the big (toll) Sóller tunnel:

OBEX GeoVideo

Some important hints:

  1. Minute 0:20 – First roundabout, direction Port. This was already so in order to come to the Port of Sóller and Hotel SENTIDO Porto Soller, however we considered important that the city centre can no longer be accessed from this roundabout. Actually we encourage our customers to look for information before accessing the city centre by car, because many streets have reversed and there are some new semaphores.
  2. Minute 1:01 – Petrol station, on the right side.
  3. Minute 1:20 – Cetre St. is the main entrance to Sóller centre now. This crossing was a little dangerous, and it has been substituted by a new roundabout. This is also the access to the Healthcare Centre (PAC), first street on the right.
  4. Minute 1:54 – Another roundabout, go straight.
  5. Minute 2:06 – Go straight. On the left, exit to Deià and Valldemossa.
  6. Minute 2:31 – Another roundabout, and tram line crossing. Red light means ¡Warning!, tram is arriving and has the priority. If light is yellow, priority is the same as in any other roundabout.
  7. Minute 2:48 – ‘Monument’ roundabout, go straight. We recommend you to ask about the facts remembered with this monument, you maybe would like to come back to Sóller during the first days of May! In this roundabout, on the right, is the exit to Monasterio de Lluc, a must see during your stay in Sóller.
  8. Minute 3:28 – An important milestone, this tunnel did not exist a few years ago and does not appear in some maps! Please go straight into the tunnel, the exit on the right leads to En Repic beach. Remember, the promenade is now closed to regular transit.
  9. Minute 5:01 – A new roundabout when exiting the tunnel, please take the third exit, direction Port.
  10. Minute 5:28 – Another roundabout, go straight along the boulevard and take first right. You will pass betweeen the football pitch (on the right) and a parking (on the left). On a regular basis this parking is free, i.e. is full.
  11. Minute 6:06 – At the end of the street turn left. There is a small square (Joan Miró) with some a few trees in the middle. Go straight (uphill), leaving the bar called Es Cantó on your left. Xaloc is a two way narrow street, please take care.
  12. Minute 6:38 – At the crossing go straight, uphill. Left side steret leads to the Port, please don’t miss it during your stay.
  13. Minute 6:53 – Our magnificent view over Port of Sóller bay comes after climbing up this street towards the Hotel… Beware this curve, it is very sharp and narrow.
  14. Minute 7:20 – The parking’s entrance is on your right. ¡Welcome to Hotel SENTIDO Porto Soller 🙂

Note: Did you have fun watching this video? If so, please do not miss the fantastic work done by our friends at Obex (Outdoor Business Experiences): press the big blue “Play” button in this link in order to synchronize the video image with the exact geographical position and the height at any moment. Imagine the possibilities offered by this new technology to select or repeat routes by car, bike, or foot, find lost people, or recommend places, restaurants, shops… Obex has won this year’s Mallorca’s Young Entrepreneur Award, and we are proud to collaborate with them to provide Hotel SENTIDO Porto Soller’s customers with an excellent service.

Pau Bori


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  1. kuypers-dockx rudy-els says:

    hallo pau bori,

    wij hebben einde maart van een schitterende 5 daagse wandel week,mogen genieten.
    de weergoden waren ons erg gunstig gezind en natuurlijk was hotel portosoller de kers op de taart.
    de veranderingswerken zijn zeer geslaagd en netjes afgewerkt.
    wij willen dan ook, het hele hotelteam bedanken voor hun vakkennis en gedrevenheid.
    graag komen wij in juni terug om onze winter vitaminen op te doen.
    bedankt voor alles en tot over 10 weken.

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