The Area

Sóller, a town which relives its past

Sóller is an attractive town with 13,000 inhabitants on the north-east coast of Mallorca. Situated 3 km from its port (Puerto de Sóller), the town lies in a large, bowl-shaped fertile valley. It shares its valley with the town of Fornalutx and the village of Biniaraix.

This valley is famous for its orange orchards and plots with thousand-year-old olive trees, which form a unique landscape where the sweet aroma of orange blossom merges with the Mediterranean.

A train from 1912 which defies time takes us to this natural treasure amongst the valleys, crowned by the “Puig Major”, the highest mountain in Mallorca.

Arab influences in its streets, seigniorial palaces in the purest Mallorcan style, modernist buildings with an air of the avant-garde… Sóller’s architecture reflects the fusion of its cultures, as well as its culinary tradition and festivals.

The beach opens out onto the bay which cruises depart from, a starting point for unforgettable excursions on the seas.

Its calm crystal-clear waters make this place surrounded by mountains an unforgettable location.


Events and places not to be missed

The range of cultural activities is vast and has specific significance in the area.

A must-see event in Puerto de Sóller is the Classical Music Festival, which is to take place in 2012 from 29 September to 20 October in its eighth year. The concerts take place in the seaside district of Santa Catalina, at the back of the bay of the port.

From the centre of Sóller, you can enjoy a view of Can Prunera, a modernist house-museum dedicated to painting and sculpture, where pieces by the great masters of the 19th and 20th centuries are exhibited, for example Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Joan Miró, Paul Klee, Fernand Léger and Maurice Vlaminck.

Room is also given to Mallorcan artists or those linked to Mallorca such as Miquel Barceló, Santiago Rusiñol, Joaquim Mir, Joan Fuster, Eliseu Meifrén, Ritch Miller, etc.

Another major attraction is the Tramway of Sóller, with unique pieces dating back a century, as the line was opened in October 1913. The three cars of the tram numbered from 1 to 3 and its trailers 5 and 6 are the originals from 1913 which were managed by the Zaragoza house Carde & Escoriaza.

Also not to be missed is the vast repertoire of popular festivals in the town such as the Fira i el Firó, la Nit de Sant Antoni and Sant Bartomeu, a loyal representation of the cheerful spirit of its people.


Sports and leisure activities in the area

The area’s natural environment is ideal for doing all kinds of open-air activities.

The growing sporting infrastructure of Sóller includes the possibility to do sports such as sailing, diving, scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing, canoeing, fishing, etc.

Of if you prefer to stay on dry land, you can sign up for a trekking excursion or play golf.


Sóller, the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains

The valley and surrounding mountains of the Tramuntana Range, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are a destination of choice for travellers from all over the world, especially fans of excursions, nature, farming tourism, etc.

The area surrounding the hotel is full of beautiful paths which invite you to walk through the mountains with your eyes fixed firmly on the sea’s horizon.

You can discover and delve into these dream landscapes with the mountain guide (qualified) of the Hotel Portosoller, who will suggest classic routes and other lesser known but equally interesting ones.

Every week three different excursions are planned for guests of the hotel, who only have to pay for transport.

If you want to go on a special trekking route with a group of friends, the hotel’s mountain guide can prepare a tailored programme for you, with the suitable difficulty level for your physical training.