tiempo en españa en Port de Sóller

Tuesday Blues at Hotel Portosoller

Many of our customers at Hotel Portosoller like hiking (“wandern”), and when they come back they enjoy the pool, a good dinner, a short drink and… anything but dancing a strident Macarena, night after night, as in many other hotels in Mallorca!

We could have decided playing such a music every night. Well, that’s an option, however we decided to play good music once a week instead. If you are not a music fan, we will only bother you a little bit on Tuesdays. But if you do like music, we promise you a good show every Tuesday’s night with the Portosoller Blues Band, also known as… BigYuyu.

Jordi, Joan, and Jaume take us high with some well known songs like “Memphis train”, “Black Magic Woman” and some others of their own creation. Click on the picture below to see one the latest winter sessions made by excellent photographer Franklin Tello:

Tuesday Blues

BigYuyu at Hotel Portosoller

If you want to know a little more about BigYuyu you can visit their official website or their Facebook page. And if you feel pushed to buy one of their CDs please take in account that they always bring some to Hotel Portosoller… wouldn’t it be a good idea to come over and buy it here?

Pau Bori - Director

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