tiempo en españa en Port de Sóller


Dear friends and customers, I am very proud to show you the new Hotel Portosoller website!

Hotel Portosoller new Website

We learned some time ago that customers like you want to be listened. This has always been our core strategy, but it was time to adopt new technologies to help us in that task.

So we decided to renew our website, add a blog, create a photo gallery in Flickr… a YouTube channel and Twitter accounts in both English and German are not active yet - but Hotel Portosoller is rapidly evolving to 2.0! We changed the ‘look and feel’ to a light and relaxing mood, according to Port de Sóller. We have also replaced the reservations interface, making it easier to use, and added some ‘gadgets’ to give you useful information about Soller and the surrounding areas: beaches, monuments, gastronomy, hiking…

For all these reasons, Mallorca is considered one of the top tourism destinations in the world. We have many pretty places to show, and this blog will also be a window of Soller and Mallorca to the rest of the world, with the help and from the point of view of our customers. You can share your comments, pictures, opinions, complaints, and, who knows, pats on the back are also welcome!  ;-)

Our blog will be written in English, to facilitate reading to customers from everywhere in the world. However, we will also accept and process comments in Spanish, Catalan, German and French. If possible, we will answer you in your same language – we love to speak with our customers.

I will take care of this blog personally and will answer as soon as possible all personal requests addressed to me. This is a tough commitment, however I am convinced that  we both will enjoy this new communication experience.

Come on with us and enjoy the best view over the Port of Soller!

Pau Bori - Director

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