tiempo en españa en Port de Sóller

Who is who

Hotel Portosoller has renewed its website, but we did not change (we will never do it) our attitude to provide the best service to our guests.

New customers are always concerned by our service. But taking in account the number of customers that come back every next year to spend their holidays with us makes me feel very proud: my answer is be sure that we have an unbeatable team at your service.

Just in case you never saw them yet, click on the picture below to visit our Flickr channel, where we have uploaded some pictures of the Hotel Portosoller’s team. Maybe you already know these faces…

By the way, comments are welcome!

Pau Bori

Hotel Portosoller Staff

1 comment to Who is who

  • Ralph Phipps

    I am interested in having a price for a week’ stay between Sunday 1st May to Sunday 8th May 2011. We would want half board and between 10 to 20 rooms.
    We are a walking club who would spend our days walking in the hills around Mallorca. Most of our members are over 55 years old.

    Please let me have details of availability and price when you have the time.
    If you are also able to tell me about buses and coaches that would be very useful.

    Thank you.

    Ralph Phipps

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